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Bridgestone South Africa Commercial (Pty) Ltd
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New Tyre Maximizer v2

Introducing the New Tyre Maximizer v2

Tyre Maximizer v2 is a tyre-management web based tool that enables you to record and track all tyres and tyre-related issues within your transport operations.

Bridgestone Commercial designed and developed this new system to meet our customers’ needs and help them benefit from our years of experience in the provision of tyre-management solutions.

Tyre Maximizer v2 is compatible with any internet browser and is multi user enabled. Another benefit when using Tyre Maximizer v2 is that it is linked to a centralized server hosted by Bridgestone Commercial thus insuring the security of your information.

With daily back-ups created for you as well as having the benefit of easy data capturing, you will have time for attending to other vital necessities in your fleet

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