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Tyre Optimizer3

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Unique benefits of Tyre Optimizer3

In-house development makes the system extremely flexible for unique reports and enhancements. The short turn-around time for delivery of these enhancements is part of what makes the TO3 program such a success.

  • SQL Server based
  • Crystal Reports-based reporting

These features make it a very effective network based reporting tool.

Unique features

This program is custom-designed for OTR/mining applications. It therefore incorporates calculators, reports and studies specific to OTR vehicles.

Reporting and monitoring of operational environments is just as important to tyres as the monitoring of the tyres themselves:

  • Integrated Load Study Module.
  • Integrated Site Severity Study Module.
  • User restricted access.
  • Stand-alone Reporting Module.
  • Advanced report-filtering options optimized for OTR tyres and applications.
  • The preloaded database of tyres and machines combined with the wizard interface makes for easy and reliable data capture.

Integration possibilities

  • SQL server hosting of the Tyre Optimizer3 database would be welcomed.
  • This would enable company-wide access to data and reports.
  • The data captured and the reports are there to benefit the entire company.

Tyre Optimizer3 is aimed at a very specific and specialised sector of the tyre industry and therefore cannot be directly compared with other tyre monitoring software. Tyre Optimizer3 is an irreplaceable part of the OTR tyre industry.

The aim of any data-collection program meaningful data retrieval in a format that aids management decisions. To achieve this, we need accurate data that is stored in such a way that it can be accessed and summarised quickly and easily. Data storage requires a well-supported structure that is scalable for current and future needs. The same applies to reporting. You need a reporting solution that will not only serve your current needs and configuration, but is also flexible enough to accommodate future developments and changes.

For those reasons Bridgestone Commercial have chosen as our database Microsoft SQL Server and for our reporting engine Crystal Reports recently acquired by Business Objects.

Tyre Optimizer3 is programmed and maintained in-house and is therefore highly customisable and well supported.

The report can be only as accurate as the data entered. That is why the software is to a large extent ‘wizard’ based; it allows continuous validation of the input of information and minimises the chance of errors by the user.

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