Bridgestone South Africa Commercial (Pty) Ltd
Bridgestone South Africa Commercial (Pty) Ltd
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Casing Confidence Pledge


Now, with new Bridgestone and Firestone truck and bus tyres, you have the reassurance that the tyre casing is good for two recaps– or a predetermined refund of the casing value.

Simply have your Bridgestone or Firestone truck and bus tyres repaired and re-capped by Bridgestone Commercial – the best quality retreads’ manufactured with our own unique compressed-tread system.

We in turn will give you our ‘Casing Confidence Pledge’ absolutely free. In short, we will pledge to underwrite a Bridgestone or Firestone tyre casing for two Bridgestone Commercial recaps.

Should a manufacturing defect cause the casing to fail before the second retread reaches the end of its useful life, Bridgestone Commercial will refund you the remaining value of the tread plus the predetermined value of the casing. That’s a ‘predetermined’ value - so you know up-front the casing refund you’ll receive.

Now, with our new Casing Confidence Pledge, and in addition to our already comprehensive Total Tyre Solutions Package, you can rely on Bridgestone Commercial to deliver superior quality and service, giving you the assurance of maximum value.

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