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Bridgestone South Africa Commercial (Pty) Ltd
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Compressed Retread Process

Bridgestone Commercial recap more than 250 000 truck and bus tyres every year. We use our own, unique compressed retread process.

The Process

The application of pre-cure tread under compression is the only major innovation in cold retreading since the pre-cure method was invented. Bridgestone Commercial' Compressed Tread Retreading System applies up to six per cent more pre-cure rubber.

There are several important benefits. For a start, the tread is applied straighter than on hand-built retreads.

In addition, because the tread is applied under compression, it resists and even expels a cutting edge. In comparison, tread that is moulded in a flat press and then wrapped around the outer circumference of a casing (the conventional retreading process) inevitably has its surface under tension because of the curvature. Such a tread surface under outward tension is easy to cut, opening up in front of the cutting edge.

Yet another benefit is that a compressed-tread tyre has a greater wearing area and wears more slowly than a conventional tread. That is because six percent more rubber is compressed into the same casing circumference.

Finally, a tread applied under compression has an extremely strong bond with the casing and is not inclined to spring off.

Another advantage of Bridgestone Commercial retreads is that we test casings under high pressure before retreading. Such testing reveals pinholes, ply separations, ineffective repairs and other faults that require treatment.

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